I’m rather special I’m one of a pair

The date of our birth is the thing that we share

We’re not simply siblings – we’re part of a set

We’re twins – but we find sometimes people forget

That we’re not each one half of our stereo role

We’re separate people – each one is a whole

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m a twin to end

With a sister who doubles as my life-long best friend

But we don’t share our pain, or what each other thinks

Yet folk will insist there’s some fine-tuned twin-link

Yes we like the same bands and we sometimes share clothes

But there’s a sane explanation – not what you suppose

There’s no psychic reason – no invisible thread

intertwining our brains – single thoughts in two heads

We shared all our lives – from at first in the womb

and then in the same cot - and then in the same room

We’ve shared the same school and we’ve shared the same friends

Together each day from day-break to day-end

So it’s nurture not nature that’s really to blame

For the fact that we seem be nearly the same

And asking us “What is it like?” is I fear

A most pointless question – as we have no idea

Of anything different - we’re twins - that’s the fact

and can’t comment on anything other than that

So when you meet us could you please bear in mind

That although we are twins – we’re each one of a kind

and we’re not both the same – I am chalk – She is cheese

We may be from the same pod

…………… but we’re different peas.