I've Invited Johnny Depp To Stay

I was watching some 'Red Carpet Do' and saw Johnny strut his stuff

Looking rather tired and very sad and I thought "He's had enough.....

Mr Depp should take a break -a total get-away"

A chance to be anonymous……so I've invited him to stay


My husband raised an eyebrow, but he even agreed

An escape from five-star luxury could be just what Johnny needs

 To get away from family life and work-related stress

No Questions; Quotes or Interviews; No Stalkers; Paps or Press


Our modest two bed terrace might be humble in his view

But he'd have a lovely time with us if he stayed a week or two

Our single-bed sized guest room is cosy (if petite)

and our downstairs bathroom does the job (who needs their own en-suite?)


He could come and go quite freely - no-one would ever guess

That amongst the common people was a Hollywood Star Guest

 We could take him on excursions; go for lunch in country pubs

Take a day-trip to the seaside (Blackpool air would do him good)


We'd play boules in the back garden,;we'd get out our scrabble set;

Or (if he's energetic) we could set up the kinect

 I'd cook full English Breakfasts, with black pudding and fried bread

And for supper we'd skip healthy stuff and have home-made chips instead


I'd take him with me shopping (bet he's never been in Spar)

I'd let him push the trolley and he'd help to load the car

I would ask him and my husband  to take a tour round Wickes

They could crack on with some DIY (there's lots of stuff to fix)


I'm sure he'd have a lovely time if he visited our place

It's not "life in the fast lane" - it's a real change of pace

So I've sent the invitation - stating please RSVP

And I'll let you know if Johnny says he'll come and stay with me!