I Do…. Well I Did…… (Now I Don't)

Remember when we stood in church and I gave my solemn vows......
I've had time to reconsider - can I please rescind them now?
You thought I'd made you promises but the words were simply meant
... As a statement (at that point in time) of a somewhat vague intent
I should have let my head rule (but a momentary wander
Of concentration found me down the road of "let no man put asunder")
A moment lacking clarity - based purely on emotion
Made me take leave of my sanity for a sweet old fashioned notion
And whilst I can't deny I said that I would "keep you unto me"
I think that it's unworkable and I'd like to be set free
From the undertaking that I gave - I must confess that I
Have found another soul mate……Someone new has caught my eye
And the thought of staying faithful deep in love and keeping trust
Has been cast aside through passion (countermanded due to lust)
I know we've had some happy times but I think we've ran our course
And I'd like to move to pastures new - I'm requesting a divorce
Because I don't think that monogamy is a natural human state
I'm highly charged and can't restrict myself to just one mate
I can't bear domestic capture …… I should be free and roaming wild
(We can cite the cause as differences which can't be reconciled)
And your tears will not dissuade me - on this point I'm resolute
Please agree to sign decree forms so they'll grant an Absolute
Let's make manuscript amendment to the vows we undertook
They make lousy glue (.....and me and you have come seriously unstuck)
So it's time to go our separate ways and each make a brand new start
Let us end it now - and not hold our breath until "death do us part"