Countryside Con-Men & Cats

Lovely Husband found "a funny”
Whilst on the Internet
An advert from the 'Seventies
… I was reminded.... I forget
The past in very many ways
And it set my brain in gear
I recalled the “public safety”
Cartoon ads from yester-year
It was prompted by the spoof mocked up
Based on the “Charley Says”
Set of adverts… that were aired
To scare us all in bygone days
They cute and they were funny..
But were very clearly meant
To warn us of life’s perils
And those with evil their intent….
Aside from ginger tabby toms…
We had Petunia and Joe
Who were let loose in the Countryside
Causing, chaos, strife and woe
And don’t forget the “Mad Bad Axeman”
Back in 1974
Or “the Con Man” … two good reasons
To “put your chain onto your door”
And deep water?...... That’s a danger too
Pools or Lakes… or Seaside Waves
“Learn To Swim” saw Mike triumphant
(She ditched poor non-duck-like Dave….)
I’ve enjoyed the recollections
From my trip down memory lane
(And they’re all available on You Tube…
If you want to see them once again……)