Pity The Celebrity

Pity the Celebrity … Support them in their strife
Through the perils and the pitfalls of a lavish “A List” life
Oh woe! They lose their privacy caught unawares by that most feared
Endless gaze of paparazzi unrehearsed and scruitineered
Always doomed to be on duty; ever in the public eye
“It’s relentless…..It’s unending” is their plaintive public cry
“Too high a price to pay” they wail “Too much to be endured”
But they’re driven by the limelight and can’t bear to be ignored
Pity the Celebrity - Supermodels heard to say
That they won’t get out of bed for less than Fifty Grand a day
Or the actresses who sue for press intrusion – hear them moan
When they’ve got the front page that they crave but who “want to be alone”
Share the sorrow of a cheeky chap who foolishly decides
That (because life has got difficult) it’s okay to drink and drive
Who claims that “it’s the pressure”; that “it just got out of hand”
“It’s all too much”; their life “Is Hell” – but we wouldn’t understand
Pity the Celebrity - All their pampered penthouse ways
With their servants chefs and chauffeurs – burly body-guarded days
See them raking in their fortunes earning sums most deem obscene
For a cameo on celluloid – just split seconds on the screen
See them starring in the DVD of How To Get Their Look
Claims of diet and of exercise (when it’s really ‘nip and tuck’)
Profiteering from bestsellers charting life before their fame
Their “own account” of a humble start (by ghost-writers without name)
Pity the Celebrity - Who invites us in to share
The traumas of a troubled life lived in constant public glare
As they court the banner headlines; as they live to make the news
And then whimper we should try and walk a mile inside their shoes
See their Prime Time nervous breakdown (when they’ve endured all they can take)
Oh…….Pity the Celebrity - oh let’s not - for Pity’s Sake.