Last Summer

I remember last summer quite clearly
... ... It fell on the Fifteenth of June
It started off dull in the morning
But got hotter by mid-afternoon

It was too a nice a day to be wasted
and  we hurriedly headed to Tesco
For disposable barbeque, sausages, booze
And planned wining and dining - al fresco

We rang all our friends - told them "join us"
Said "bring burgers, bring lager, bring wine"
We'd kick off the cooking at quarter-to-five
As long as the weather stayed fine

So we all gathered out in the garden
We were there early evening 'til late
We'd eaten, we'd drank, we were merry
Thought "We'll do this all Summer - it's great"

But it seems we were too optimistic
On the sixteenth of June we got rain
(It stopped on the first of October
But by then it was Autumn again)

I remember last Summer quite clearly
I hope that this Summer comes soon
And I'd really be glad if it lasted
Slightly longer than one afternoon