I am mortal... I am also myth
I light the summer skies
I am simple;  I am complex
I caused legendary demise
I am vengeful, unforgiving
I thrive on secrecy
I am stubborn; I am passionate
I am wracked with jealousy
I am loyal and determined
I am made of many parts
Consider yourself truly blessed
If I hold you in my heart
The Hunter is afraid of me
His fear the reason why
We will not been seen together
When you search the night-time sky
I am Girtab, I am Sargas
I am Graffias, Lesath
I do not take the easy road
I tread a lonely path
I do Mother Nature's bidding
I saved the creatures of the earth
I am dominant on All Hallows Eve
I shape November births
I am plain; I am transparent
I am forthright, yet complex
I am clear; I am straightforward;
I am devious; direct
I am loyal; I am faithful
Possessive and destructive
I am vengeful, unforgiving
I should always be mistrusted
I am loving, I am loathsome
I don't forgive; I don't forget
I do not seek approval
I live life without regret
I am heavenly, immortal
My constellation makes it so
I disregard all definition
But... You may call me Scorpio