If you're interested in knowing a bit more about who I am, what I do, and what makes me "tick" then read on.   If you're interested in getting to the poems then skip this page... nothing rhymes (at least I don't think it does... maybe that's a project for the future.. Biography and Questions and Answers in Epigram.........!)

Who Am I?

My name is Nichola Vaughan.  I'm married to the wonderful Justin.   I'm a twin (and older than my sister by seven minutes... which can often be the most important seven minutes in the history of time when it comes to pulling rank....)

What do I do?

I write poetry and perform the light hearted stuff (I leave the "serious" verse for print only... I figure people have enough woe and misery without having to listen to me bleating about the things that cause me stress, strain or grief... rhyming or otherwise).

When you say "perform".....?

Perhaps "perform" is over-egging the pudding...  my live work is more of "An Evening With"... with me reading the light hearted stuff, giving an insight into how it came into being, and answering any questions that members of the audience may wish to ask... (although I do reserve my right to remain silent if any of the questions involve me sharing secrets that I've promised to take the grave).

Anything Else.....?

Favourite Song: 

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Favourite Place:  

Can't choose between my gazebo on a beautiful summer's day; Verona with a hearty cappucino; or Mdina in Malta in the best cake shop in the world........

Favourite Words: 

"Possibilities" and "Con Gusto"... between them they make an unstoppable combination.

Favourite Colour:  Purple

Favourite Book:  To Kill A Mockingbird

Words I Wish I'd Written: 

"Some days may stay a thousand years; some pass like the flash of a spark.....who knows where all our days go....."
(Stuart Adamson (RIP) and Mark
Brzezicki - Big Country)