Hamster House of Horror

 I'd just gone to check on the hamster

 - He hadn't been cleaned out for days

So I cleared out the bedding and found him

 - Feet up at the side of the cage

Flat on his back, and not breathing

Rather a nasty surprise

My first thought was "oh no - the children

Do I tell them of "Hammy's" demise?”

How on earth to say to your offspring

"I've just found your hamster - he's dead"

Surely the simple solution would be

Buy a replacement instead

I wondered just how they would take it

They’re young – Carla's four, Sophie's seven

And I wasn't that sure I was ready

To it down and explain "Hamster heaven"

But I thought "no it’s better to face it"

To replace him is living a lie

It's better to try and explain

That Hamsters eventually die

So I sat down and spoke to the children

(Hoped they wouldn't be too broken hearted -

When I told them their hamster was with us no more

- That "Hammy" was dearly departed

I said to them "God's taken Hammy"

Carla gasped and then let out a moan,

Sophie got cross “but that's stealing

Why doesn't he just get his own"?

I said that it wasn't quite stealing,

That Heaven was really God's house

And everything dead went to stay there

Be it Granny or Mummy or Mouse

The two of them wept for a moment

But then Sophie suddenly cheered

She smiled as she looked at her sister

And she said "I've just had an idea"

"I wasn't that keen on the hamster

Though I am really sorry he's dead

But don't bother to get us another

Just buy us a puppy instead!"