What Do I Do About Cat Poo?


My garden's a riot of colour

It's beautifully landscaped as well

But when I go out to inspect it

- It isn't the flowers I smell


The aroma is somewhat less fragrant

As the neighbourhood mogs want to spoilt it

It appears that my garden's been voted by all

As the site for the pussy cat toilet


All the mogs in the district come flocking

- To the well-loved much utilized loo

There's always a feline there

Digging a hole to deposit its poo


I've had Tiggers and Cleo's and Kitties

I've Thomases, Tigers and Tiddles

All queuing to do their abluting

- And drowning my roses in piddle


I need to find some way to stop it

- To make sure my garden stays clear

A feline deterrent to keep them all out

 - Hang on! I've just had an idea


I've hit on a plan that will solve it

And my foolproof solution is this

I'll get a big dog (to scare off the cats)

That'll soon stop them taking the..