My husband's computer's the love of his life

I play second fiddle - I'm only the wife

It's sometimes the reason for tension and strife

But it's better than drinking or betting


His mates are all addicts - they come over each night

For racing games, strategies, armed combat fight

Grown men being children - (good grief .....what a sight)

It's not real - that's the part they're forgetting


So me and the rest of the "other halves" wonder

If their gaming obsession will last for much longer

Are they losing their grip? - is the problem we ponder

And it's time a new hobby was found


As the women just sit in a state of frustration

A new game is revealed with much anticipation

It's the old-favoured-format of saving the nation

And a snip at just forty-five pounds


The ladies discuss things "oh well boys will be boys

- Let's leave them to play with their expensive toys"

My chap overhears us and gets quite annoyed

"Come and look - you'll soon see its appeal"


So we sit in a huddle and gaze at the screen

"It's so good" says his mate "That it's almost obscene"

While I sit there thinking ......."It's just a machine

.....and it certainly doesn't look real"


It's a different perspective - it could be genetic

The blokes think "it's great" - the females "pathetic"

- If I live to be ninetyI don't think I'll get it

......I can't see why they think it's so great


And the women agree that a cause of dissent is

Computers and games are so bloomin' expensive

- when it comes to gap between upgrades the length is

Two months then the stuff's out of date


So he spends a small fortune to ensure his PC

Is the biggest, the fastest, the best it can be

(If I'm lucky he might spend a tenner on me

To make sure I don't feel too rejected!)


But my female friends with computers at home

Agree absolutely - so I'm not on my own

We're all PC widows - abandoned, alone,

Unwanted, unloved and neglected!

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