The Change


I’m going through the change and I’m feeling very strange

Apparently it’s all because of hormones

Its left me quite bemused, very battered, very bruised

And feeling like I’m living in a war zone


My moods are uncontrollable from glee to inconsolable

Then suddenly I’m back to being cheerful

But if something rocks my boat then I suddenly can’t cope

And I find I’m all emotional and tearful


Yesterday I dropped a glass and was close to holding mass

For the kitchenware that I assassinated

In a state of great distress, as I swept away the mess

But once cleared, I found my grief had dissipated


My brain won’t work any more and I blame the change for sure

Decision-making’s something I can’t rush its

Like “cardigan or not?” because I’m hot-then-cold-then-hot

Is it down to central heating …… or hot flushes?


My family’s being kind, but they doubt my state of mind

Unpredictable’s become my middle name

Progesterone and Oestrogen turn me into a beast again

And I think I’m only just this side of sane


My husband says of course he’s not filing for divorce

Or having an affair or going to stray

But the basis for my fears is I could be like this for years

And if I had to live with me – I wouldn’t stay


So I’m not sure what to do, I just hope I make it through

But I need assistance from another source

Give me Prozac, HRT or a hysterectomy

‘cos I’ve had it with the bloody Menopause